About Mark

Mark has been working in the field of manufacturing and production for 16 years. He founded Sleep in the Clouds in 2006. His innate ability to streamline production along with his willingness to take on a wide array of projects has made his experience vast. This experience along with his love of craftsmanship has made his company a resource for many companies and individuals needing sewing and manufacturing services. His commitment to good communication with his customers and good work ethic makes an enjoyable and smooth work experience.

His knowledge has lent itself to many venues of products from Leather Bags, Leather Watch Straps, iPhone Cases, iPad Cases, Laptop Cases, Sports Duffle Bags, Parachutes,  Erotica Swings, Crutch Covers, Decorative Pillows, Cushions, Bamboo Blinds, Cloth Roman Blinds, Surfboard Bags, Repurposed Vinyl Banner Bags, Altering Garments for Wearable LED Displays, products in the Medical Field, products for the Military and Law Enforcement fields, just to name a few.


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